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Community is an art form.
— Colleen Burns

Kaskade konnect

A community of Kaskade music lovers, who come together in celebration of good music and great company. Together, the community honors the late, Colleen Burns, Founder of the fan-driven music community.

Artwork by  Camila Buxeda .

Artwork by Camila Buxeda.


Despite being marketed to the cannabis community, it is clear that there is no limit to who can utilize this innovative device. From chefs, nutritionists, holistic healers, and cannabis enthusiasts alike, the LEVO is the kitchen countertop device of the future that continues to grow its community across industries.



Back in 2012, I worked with Bonobos to roll out their Guideshop "try before you buy" model. As a digitally native brand (aka founded on the Internet), Bonobos focused on fit with its best-selling chino pant. With its curved waistband and wide range of sizes, it managed to capture a male consumer that valued both fit and style. Today, Bonobos operates 50+ Guideshops nationwide and was recently acquired by Walmart in 2017. The brand continues to prove that men, in fact, love to wear clothes that fit.